Alberta Spruce

Asked February 24, 2018, 1:08 PM EST

Part 4 of 4 questions - Alberta Spruce - have two on either side of the west facing front porch. One doesn't look too bad, a few bare branches in the back and bottom, but the other has a dead area on the top, several dead spots around the bush and bare branches on the back side. Pictures attached.

Charles County Maryland

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We cannot see any specific signs of a disease or insect (unfortunately, two of the photos are not in focus.) Prune out dead areas.

Dwarf Alberta spruce are native to Canada. They will not flourish in drought or high temperatures. Alberta spruce are commonly afflicted with spider mites in these conditions. Spruce also get some fungal diseases. Cytospora is very common on blue spruce, but not confined to them:

Follow good cultural recommendations. Water during dry periods. Do not mulch more than 1-2" deep and keep mulch off trunks.