Hello I recently read an article online which referenced. " The Ohio...

Asked February 23, 2018, 9:58 PM EST

Hello I recently read an article online which referenced. " The Ohio State University Extension explains that ground cinnamon has a shelf life of six months. Alterations in color, flavor and taste are indicators of whether or not it is time to replace your ground cinnamon. Buying a whole cinnamon stick is also an option because these can last 2-3 years." Im interested to know more about this topic, specifically the self life for grounds dried herbs and spices. I would greatly appreciate if you could provide some assistance & or the a link to at article/infomation reference by spoon university .com Kind Regards, Jimmy

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Hello, thanks for your question. Below is a link to the fact sheet you reference. As the statement you quote notes, this shelf life limitation is based on quality rather than safety indicators. Keeping spices dry prevents the growth of spoilage microbes, but other sensory changes (color, flavor) may decrease in quality over time. But, that is not to say that at exactly 6 months you must discard your spice collection. If the quality is acceptable, you may choose to keep using the product. You may also want to refer to packaging and manufacturer information about recommended shelf-life for best quality.