Weed control

Asked February 23, 2018, 2:53 PM EST

I have a turf-based lawn. I intend to weed and feed in early March. I know that my lawn needs a pre-emergent to control Bermuda/crabgrass. However, there are also other weeds, e.g., clover and other varieties. What weed control do you recommend and when should it be applied?

Sussex County Delaware

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A preemergent herbicide will only control annual weeds. Good products for crabgrass control and other annual grasses are:

Common Name: Dithiopyr; Trade Name: Dimension (also some control on young crabgrass)

Common Name: Pendimethalin; Trade Name: Halts, others

Common Name: Prodiamine; Trade Name: Barricade

Common Name: Siduron; Trade Name: Tupersan (can be used when sowing grass seed)

Common Name: Benefin; Trade Name: Balan

To control broadleaf annual weeds, use Common Name: Isoxaben; Trade Name: Gallery

Bermudagrass is not an annual weed and can really only be controlled with spot treatments of a non-selective herbicide. Clover is not an annual weed and must be controlled with a broad leaved herbicide once it has emerged (later than March)

Common Name: These active ingredients are found in many herbicides. They can be the single ingredient or be combined to control a broader range of weeds. There are many trade names.

MCPP (mecoprop)
Dicamba-be careful when using around tree and shrub roots.

I do not recommend using a weed and feed product. You should not fertilize your lawn in the spring. Fertilzer is best applied in the fall.