blueberry selection

Asked February 22, 2018, 12:10 PM EST

Are Misty, Jubilee, Reka, and O'Neal good choices for zone 7a Maryland? Do they cross-pollinate?

Baltimore County Maryland blueberry varieties

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O'Neal, Misty, and Jubilee are Southern highbush cultivars. O'Neal has been observed in MD to be well adapted, especially in warmer parts of the state. We do not have any information yet on the newer cultivars Misty and Jubilee. They are being offered by national fruit plant companies so they will probably do ok in MD.

Reka was bred in New Zealand (don't know the genetic make-up) and we have no information on how it might perform in MD. If you grow it please give us some feedback.

All of these cultivars will cross-pollinate each other. Please refer to our blueberry web page: