I am looking for someone to remove a large black walnut tree from my yard...

Asked February 22, 2018, 10:13 AM EST

I am looking for someone to remove a large black walnut tree from my yard with the donation of the wood in lieu of removal cost. It is located in my back yard and is very inconvenient as it fruits heavily and makes mowing nearly impossible. Has also caused a few severely sprained ankles. Thank you for your attention. Looking forwarding to any help you may be able to provide.

Franklin County Ohio trees and shrubs

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Hi Franklin County, it is interesting that you want to remove a black walnut tree. The firewood value is rather high as is the lumber value. The only problem is that it is in the back yard and not really easy to drive the truck/trailer into the location to load the wood and remove it. Most tree workers will charge a price that considers the danger and difficulty of the job.

I would ask around at your local community centers and see if someone wants to take down a tree for the firewood. Usually that will not be productive as there are fewer and fewer people who use wood in the fireplace or to heat a home.

The next thing to do is to ask around for an arborist. If you engage a certified arborist, you can be sure that they have enough liability insurance to cover any problems that arise. If you get a tree worker with the pickup and chainsaw, be sure to ask if they have insurance to cover any problems that might arise.

It would really be a rare instance in these days that you would find someone willing to take a tree down and clean up the mess for the firewood. I think you should just ask around to friends and neighbors for a reputable tree company. You might have to save up for a couple of years but it would be worth it to utilize a company that carries sufficient insurance and worker's compensation. As for the lumber value, that would depend on the straightness of the trunk, etc. Usually logging operations will not work up logs from residential areas due to the possibility of damaging a saw blade from hidden fence wire, nails, even bullets. Portable sawmills can work up these logs because they utilize a band saw blade that generally costs around $30 and can be replaced easily. Replacement teeth for a regular saw blade are very costly to weld back onto the blade. Lots to consider. Hope this helps. Don

Thank you for your rapid response. There is a dead end alley behind my house which would make the tree more accessible as a lot of the tree overhangs the alley. Would it be possible to have an on sight assessment? Hope this is not an imposition. Thank you.

Hi Franklin County, I'm sorry that I don't live in the area. I could give you a ball park estimate based on what the local tree people charge. You would do well to ask around at church or other gatherings about who and what was done for other home owners. You could also ask if they were satisfied with the work -- they cleaned up the mess and didn't leave a bigger mess! Look in the phone book or online and check out Arborist services or tree services. Always ask for insurance coverage and check them out. Better Business or Angie's List might be able to give you an idea of how satisfied people were with the work they did. You have plenty of time and you can check them out in different places. Don't rush to accept the first offer to take the tree down. Ask around! Don