Stink Bug Infestation inside the Home

Asked February 22, 2018, 9:50 AM EST

Home is being infested with "Stink Bugs" What can I do? Are there chemicals or would a Pest Control Company be effective. I can't find the source but they show up out of nowhere. There are quite a few dead ones between the regular windows and storm windows. With spring approaching I'm concerned about an increase in their numbers.

Garrett County Maryland

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When this foreign pest first spread in Maryland, it was common for them to invade homes in huge numbers. In most regions, native predator insects have reduced their numbers to acceptable levels but your area, unfortunately, can still have home issues.
Here is our webpage with lots of control ideas for you:

We also ask that you report your outbreak to Rutgers University, where they are tracking it. Here is the link to do so:
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