Can indoor lady bugs be re-homes?

Asked February 22, 2018, 6:55 AM EST

My neighbor is online seeking an exterminator for lady bugs inside her home. Something she goes through every year. Is there a way that they could be caught and re-homed to my yard? "Warm weather means lady bugs and the red/black bugs will be out soon and they somehow get inside." I've shared HGIC ladybug information with her. What else can we do?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Like stink bugs, lady bugs look for crevices or appropriate overwintering spots, then let their kin know if they find a good one. They slow down (diapause) and need to stay protected and hydrated.
You could collect them and put them into a fish-type tank with a screened lid and add some apple slices sprinkled with water.
We don't think you can put them outside this soon or when it freezes again they'd die.

She likely has some loose caulk, flashing or screening around dryer or roof venting, where wires or plumbing enter the house, or around doors or windows. That will let other things in too.