chipmunk in Fort Collins

Asked February 21, 2018, 3:17 PM EST

We have a chipmunk living around our back patio in SE Fort Collins. From the few glances we have had, he looks like one we would normally see in the mountains. Are chipmunks common in East Fort Collins?

Should we do anything about him?

Thank you


Larimer County Colorado chipmunks

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Hi Brenna,

In all the years I've lived in Fort Collins, I've never seen a chipmunk. When I contacted someone from the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, I was told we do indeed have chipmunks and ground squirrels living in our area. They are common in our open spaces. Enjoy watching your new neighbor!

Thank you for looking into it for me.

Hi Brenna -- Here is a bit more information that may help you ID your critter. Also from the National Park Service in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Scientific Name: Genus Spermophilus and allied genera



Colorado is home to several different species of ground squirrel: the thirteen-lined and the spotted ground squirrels; the grizzled brown rock squirrel, with its distinctive long tail; the brownish gray, obscurely dappled Wyoming ground squirrel; the white-tailed antelope squirrel and the golden-mantled ground squirrel. Nearly every part of Colorado is home to at least one species of ground squirrel. All ground squirrels are active in the day; most are common and readily identified and observed. Ground squirrels range in size from tiny spotted ground squirrels, barely larger than a chipmunk, to rock squirrels 20 inches long, as large as some tree squirrels.


On the grasslands of the eastern plains (and also in the southwest) are the thirteen-lined and spotted ground squirrels. Along the foothills and on western mesas and canyons lives the rock squirrel. The Wyoming ground squirrel lives in mountain parks and the 13-lined ground squirrel is a common ground squirrel in Colorado. The white-tailed antelope squirrel lives in the hot desert shrub-lands of western valleys. And the golden-mantled ground squirrel lives throughout the mountains.

I'm thinking it is the Least Chipmunk based on what you sent me.