Asked February 21, 2018, 9:08 AM EST

Hello. I live in Bowie. I know I have moles, because I have raised tunnels in my yard. My question is holes in my landscaping that are 1 - 1 1/2 inches wide. I poke a stick in these holes, and the stick does not go down to a tunnel. The stick does not go far into the ground, maybe an inch or two and it stops. I think and question these holes cannot be vole holes because the depth of these holes is shallow. Wouldn't a vole hole go down to the mole's tunnel? I want to place a mouse trap w/PB and cover with a pot and brick, but feel I won't catch anything because the holes don't travel far into the ground. The holes are perfectly round, and do not look like bird or squirrel holes. Another question, do voles and moles escape the ground and walk on the surface? Thank you for your help.

Prince George's County Maryland

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If the holes are shallow, a squirrel may have dug up a nut buried there. Or an animal may have dug for a grub. You might send us a photo.

Yes, voles use old mole tunnels, another good reason to tamp them down by walking on them--mowing also usually tamps down tunnels.

Read our webpages on moles and voles by putting 'moles' or 'voles' in our search box.
And, yes, moles and voles do occasionally run above ground, but they are exposed to predators such as hawks when they do so, so they don't do it often.