Emerald Ash voter and Red Cedar

Asked February 20, 2018, 1:46 PM EST

I have a Red Cedar tree stump that is riddled with holes from what appears to be EAB. I have the stump and the bugs (in a jar - some still alive). Help. We live very close to a field of Red Cedar and want to find out the connection. The tree was from our yard and had no symptoms of distress, so we were shocked at the discovery. We cut it down because of the effect on our apple trees. Anoka County


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Emerald ash borer is species-specific. It won't bore into a cedar or an apple - it won't even bore into Mountain Ash, which is not a true ash.

I'm not sure what the borer is from your photo. My guess, based on the exit holes and the photo is that it is some kind of long-horned beetle, possibly an old house borer. I would also guess that the sequence of events was that the cedar died, cause unknown, and that the borer arrived after the tree's demise. I doubt that it poses a hazard to healthy apple trees nearby, although borers that feed off of dead wood can threaten wooden structures. Check this link: