Canada Green Grass Seed

Asked February 19, 2018, 12:57 PM EST

What can you tell me about this product?

Howard County Maryland

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Canada Green Lawn Seed is composed of: 41.3% creeping red fescue 30.0% Kentucky bluegrass 25.0% annual ryegrass 2.7% inert matter 0.5% other crop seed 0.5% weed seed

This mix provides quick growth and green up, however would require reseeding each season because annual rye is exactly that, annual. It dies yearly. At 25% of the total, that's a lot of dead grass.

Also, bluegrass does not tolerate the heat of Maryland or the droughts. It gets disease and slowly dies out. Lastly, creeping red fescue tolerates some shade, but does not handle much "foot traffic", i.e. kids or dogs.

In Maryland, we recommend tall fescue for sunny areas and fine fescue for shadier ones. Full shade cannot sustain turf.

Read through this excellent pub for successful lawns in Maryland: It discusses each type of grass.