Apricot tree

Asked February 19, 2018, 12:56 PM EST

Do you have any idea where a person could buy apricot trees in the metro area? I am also wondering if it's worth planting a couple. I see the flowers bloom early and are often killed by frost. I have done very well with a few prune trees - is planting apricots more of a waste of time here in Minnesota? Thanks for any info or tips- Carl Hamre - Roseville, MN

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Many people grow apricots in Minnesota (Zone 4-5), but, as your have noted, the amount of fruit harvested varies annually from none to substantial depending upon early spring growing conditions. Also, many cultivars can not be grown here because they are not winter hardy. Go here for information about apricot varieties suitable for growing in Minnesota:

Apricots seedlings/saplings are available from many Internet sources. They can also be found at some major Twin Cities garden centers such as Gerten's.

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