Where to get sweet cherry scion wood in Detroit area?

Asked February 18, 2018, 4:57 PM EST

I have a very large mature sour cherry tree in the yard. Would like to experiment with grafting some sweet cherry scion wood on some branches. I was unabnle to find a nursery locally. Nurseries out west seem to cater to large orchards. I am looking to buy 5_6 sticks. Any popular sweet variety would work.

Wayne County Michigan

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MSU Extension does not recommend retailers. However, an internet search is your best bet. Search on “Cherry scion wood”.

Ebay had a listing, and nurseries will come up, too. Here are examples of links my search found. MSUE DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY OF THESE RETAILERS, THEY ARE JUST EXAMPLES-





An earlier response to another backyard grower about scion sources was “1) buy one or more dormant sweet cherry trees from a nursery and use some of the branches or 2) find someone who has sweet cherries on their property. “

Many folks interested in grafting locate a local tree or grower and ask permission to take cuttings. Attend farmers markets or contact a grower in your area and ask if you can purchase some scion wood from him/her.

There are organizations that help growers. One may be able to accomodate you. For example, this site has a scion wood “swap”—-


Here are some grafting references, should you need them—-




Good luck with your project. Thank you for using our service.