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Asked February 18, 2018, 2:15 PM EST

we purchased a house 2 yrs ago and there is a ditch on the west side of our property with a pump house that the original owner installed for lawn sprinkler purposes. but there is also a fire pit on the east side of our property with a spicket (for fire extinguishing purposes). the question is that that area(by the spicket) would be the best spot for a garden but would like to get the soil tested to see if the soil is contaminated from the water from the ditch. there are farm fields to the north of our house and don't know if there are chemicals in the water transferring to the soil which could contaminate vegetables if i were to install a garden. i would like to purchase a kit if you could test that for me. thanks

Bay County Michigan

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The MSU Soil Lab does not do wide range testing for contaminants. They can check for certain specific contaminants which they list on their fee schedule. You can get information from their webpage: www.spnl.msu.edu If the farm near your home is also growing vegetables, it is unlikely that they would use any chemicals that might damage their crops. Broad range testing for contaminants can get very expensive and there are just a few labs that do it. The standard MSU soil test will give you nutrient values, pH, type of soil. organic matter and will make fertilizer recommendations based on what you plan to grow. contact information to the MSU Soil lab is on their webpage if you need further information.