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Asked February 18, 2018, 10:09 AM EST

Looking for native grass variety and preparation recommendations for a new home to best fit the following criteria: - Location Denver, altitude 5280, sem-arid growing zone 6 - south facing - builder scraped topsoil, left with yellow clay heavy soil - heavy dog traffic - reduced water consumption while still emulating as closely as possible a blue grass turf appearance - considering a rye turf installation for quick results Is rye turf the correct solution? Any recommended Denver area turf sources for best blend? Should other grass varieties be included to maintain appearance during cool seasons as well as hot, dry, often windy summer periods? Since the target location consists of basically dead dirt is augmented top soil the best preparation solution? Are there other materials such as compost, peat, or chemical additives that would enhance results both short and long term? I realize this is a fist full of questions but they probably describe a very common situation in Denver’s currently booming housing market. Hopefully this forum can provide a reference to article(s) that have already addressed many or most of them. Thank you for your assistance, John Aschermann

Jefferson County Colorado lawns and turf

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Dear John,

Soil prep is paramount. apply 6 cubic yards of wood based compost per 1000' sqft of lawn area and till this in as deeply as possible. Perennial ryegrass is an option - this is a bunch grass so damaged areas must be repaired by over-seeding. Dog traffic is a major challenge and only Kentucky bluegrass or Bermudagrass are going to hold up well to dog traffic. There is a cold tolerant Bermudagrass marketed as Dog Tuff Bermuda that is being used along the Front Range. It does go completely dormant in the winter and looks like straw.

Here are some fact sheets for your review: