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Asked February 17, 2018, 2:34 PM EST

We have many Holiday avocados on our tree but since they don't really change color like the Hass variety - how do we know when they are ready to be picked?

Santa Barbara County California avocados

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Thank you for your question about your avocado fruit. You indicate you don't have a Hass variety, but don't identify which variety you do have. So, I'm afraid the best information I can give you is that in this UCal Extension article that can help you, with information about a wealth of varieties. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Sorry I thought it indicated we have a Holiday with lots of large fruit that we don't know when yo pick. We also have a Hass variety but those are easy to determine harvest time. I want to know how to tell when to pick the Holidays variety.

I apologize. You did, indeed, say "Holiday," but, as I've never heard of this variety, it just slipped by me! I found this Extension information on avocados in general, which applies as well to "Holiday" avocados:

"How to tell when an avocado is ripe

The avocado is an amazing fruit. It grows on a tree and comes to maturity, reaches certain oil content and a stage at which it will ripen, but does not ripen on the tree. It needs to be removed from the tree before it will soften. If the fruit is removed before it has reached maturity it will not soften, and will remain rubbery and inedible. One of the problems is that the fruit will hang on the tree for an extended period of time and it is hard to know when they are mature. Avocados are not like apricots where you have about 2 weeks to get the fruit off before it falls off. As the fruit stays on the tree in gradually develops more and more oil content and has a richer flavor.

If the fruit stays on the tree too long, the oil can develop and almost rancid flavor, however. So it is good to know when the best, acceptable flavor is. Avocado varieties fall into general seasonal periods when they are mature –‘Fuerte’ in winter, ‘Hass’ in spring/summer, ‘Lamb-Hass’ in summer/fall. Or you can pick a fruit and put it on the counter and watch to see if it softens evenly. If it does in a two week period, the rest on the tree are good to go."

This variety falls into the latter group: "Holiday Guatemalan type bears excellent flavor, pear shaped, 18-24 oz green fruit which hold the tree very well. It is a smaller tree than Wurtz. It was named Holiday because the fruit ripens between Labor Day and New Year's Day."

I hope this information gives you some guidance.