Moss in the lawn

Asked February 17, 2018, 9:11 AM EST

We have an extensive front and back yard with moss in the lawn that gets worse every year. I'm not looking for a perfect lawn, and do not - and will not -- use chemicals of any type, but am now getting worried about the proliferation! We live on the Oregon coast, so we get a lot of rain and are surrounded by forest. Is there a machine we can rent for airiating, and would that help at all? Thank you.

Lincoln County Oregon lawns and turf moss in lawn

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Moss can be removed from the lawn by dethatching in early spring. Thatch is the naturally occurring layer of dead stems and roots between the living blades of grass and the soil. This is the zone where mosses thrive. Dethatching uses a tool to physically remove the dead roots, stems, and mosses. Optimum timing for dethatching is mid-March through April, when the moss growing season is coming to an end.

Use a flail dethatcher (available at equipment rental stores) or a hand rake. When using a flail dethatcher, make passes across the lawn in alternating directions until the moss has been removed. Because this also will likely remove a large portion of the turfgrass, it will be necessary to interseed the area afterwards. Interseeding a lawn (also called overseeding) is spreading seed mixes over the top of existing turf to fill in thin areas. Do not dethatch in the fall because moss will outcompete the lawn in the late fall and winter months. Instead, dethatch in the spring when turfgrass has better odds of establishing.