Geranium First True Leaves are tan

Asked February 16, 2018, 4:58 PM EST

Why do the first true leaves of my geranium seeds turn tan or appear bleached, and what can I do about it? These sprouts are 8 days old. I removed them from heat 3 days ago and had removed the plastic cover from my seed tray and put them under fluorescent lights about 4-6 inches above the plants. The plants in the photos are Pinto, but I also have Maverick and Multibloom displaying the same problem. The medium is Burpee Seed Strating Mix, primarily of coconut coir. Thank You, Don

McLeod County Minnesota

1 Response

My guess is that they've been burned, possibly by too much heat or light. Make sure they don't get too hot (the plastic cover may have been a problem) and keep the lights 4-6 inches above the plants. My recommendation would be to remove any covers over the seedbed, including your plastic cover, once the seeds have germinated. Hopefully, they'll send out new leaves and no harm is done. Once several sets of healthy new leaves have established, you should probably fertilize at a very low rate - 1/4 the strength recommended for the product. Read here about starting seeds indoors: