Fruit Trees

Asked February 16, 2018, 11:34 AM EST

Which fruit trees grow well here and where is a good place to buy them? I'm interested in apple, peach, apricot. Do you need more than one tree for cross pollination? I prefer smaller trees and live in Lewes. Do they like sun or will they tolerate any shade? Thank you.

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While growing fruit trees in a home landscape situation is appealing, it is difficult to do, especially in our coastal climate of Delaware. That said, there are some dwarf varieties that can be grown. Fruit trees do best in full sun, with good air circulation, but not in windy locations. Trees usually self pollinate, but need bees to do so. You would want to purchase trees from a reputable nursery, and purchase a grafted tree about 2 years old. Try one of the larger nursery or garden centers in Sussex County. Plant trees in the early spring, it will take several years before they produce fruit. Here is some good info from University of Maryland Extension:
Fruit trees in our area really cannot be grown successfully without the application of pesticide to control insects and disease causing fungi and bacteria. I wrote a fact sheet a few years ago, with suggested minimal spray control efforts. It may be found at the following web site:

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