Parent parcel

Asked February 15, 2018, 2:44 PM EST

I want to apply for a land division. How do I find out if there is a parent parcel and how many splits have already been used?

Bay County Michigan

1 Response

All such land division questions should be discussed with the City or Township Assessor that has jurisdiction over the subject parcel. The assessor can tell you what the parent parcel looked like on March 31, 1997 which is the original effective date of parent parcels. Also, the assessor can tell you how may parcels have been split off since then as well as look at any potential redivisions. In considering a land division, you should also inquire as to whether the city or township has a land division ordinance or is simply working under the land division statute which is state law. Depending on the jurisdiction, some are more formal than others requiring a completed application, land survey with new legal descriptions and potentially a land division fee. Regardless of the jurisdiction, the local assessor is the person to whom you should begin to discuss all land division questions.