seeding grass in early spring

Asked February 15, 2018, 9:08 AM EST

HI, my new home yard will be seeded with grass seed (I want zoyzia seed) in March or April. They say Late Spring is the second best time to start grass seed. What does that mean for a year with full sun in Caroline / Talbot Counties, MD? What kind of "seed mix" is best (straight seed, with mix, etc...)? How much per 1000 sq ft of yard that is exposed dirt right now? Thanks.

Caroline County Maryland

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We do not recommend starting a zoysiagrass lawn from seed because of the difficulty. There are three recommended cultivars (one for seed):

This online publication explains how to plant (toward the bottom):

This pub explains further (scroll to the bottom) and has a chart with seeding rates:

You will want to do a soil test beforehand and incorporate nutrients as recommended beforehand or at planting. Here is information on how to select a soil test lab and how to collect the sample: