toulouse dewlap with tuft on back of head

Asked February 13, 2018, 7:39 PM EST

I was wondering if you could direct me to somebody who could help me with a strange goose issue?
I have been raising toulouse for about 10 years now. My original goslings came from California and
I have purchased eggs and hatched from a few different breeders in an effort to keep new blood in the mix.
Last laying season I was ill and a friend of mine, who also raises a few different breeds of geese, hatched
eggs for me. Additionally, several years ago this same person purchased a pair of toulouse dewlap/sebastopol cross
geese from me. One of the goslings she hatched last year has a tuft of feathers on the back of it’s neck. She says she
marked all of the eggs that came from my house and she is sure that it was from one of my dewlaps. However, my
eggs are not at her house this year and she just hatched another gosling with a tuft on the back of it’s neck. This egg
was from toulouse dewlap/sebastopol cross pair. She now says that she believes that this mutation is coming from my dewlaps.
Is this possible? I have never hatched out any tufted dewlaps in the ten years that I have been hatching.
Can you give me any suggestions for this strange tuft?
Any help will be greatly appreciated,
Betty Sito

Ashtabula County Ohio

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It does sound like the dewlap/sebastopol cross is throwing out tufted goslings. It is possible with the selection of genes and the selection process that you are occasionally getting a tufted gosling because of having two recessive genes that are manifest. Other than truly matching eggs to hens, and knowing which males were used; it would be difficult to see who the culprit is that is the problem.