Cryovac meat storage

Asked February 13, 2018, 12:35 PM EST

What is the recommended freezer storage life for vacuum sealed beef, both ground and whole cuts, in terms of both quality and food safety?

Washington County Colorado

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Vacuum packaging - frozen
There is limited literature available regarding the use and shelf-life of vacuum packaged and frozen beef. This might be because the shelf-life is very long under proper freezing temperatures and the maintenance of a good vacuum seal. From a bacterial shelf-life point of view, beef that is held below a temperature of 0°F has an indefinite shelf-life.From an optimal quality standpoint, vacuum–packaged,frozen, whole-muscle beef has a recommended shelf-life of
This is a good method to use for longer frozen meat storage. So, don't throw it out just looking at a date of 1-year or older and the package is still sealed properly. However, do rotate your meat so the oldest items are on top or easy to access and use first. Put the newer items to the bottom or back of freezer to use later.