Nu Cop 50df for spray application to treat pear rust and apple scab

Asked February 13, 2018, 12:18 PM EST

I have read the product label and although it has been told to me by an agronomist that it addresses these
diseases, the label doesn't state this. I was hoping that someone at the extension might know.
I am aware of the low Ph warning not to mix with water less than 6.5 and will buffer prior to mixing. Thanks in advance.

Lane County Oregon fruit trees

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Thanks for your question! Nu-Cop 50 DF is labeled for apple scab (see attached screenshot of the label). For an overview of labeled/recommended products, see the following...
Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook:
Apple Pest Management Guide for the Willamette Valley

Regarding pear rust, are you seeking to control an ongoing issue, or are you looking to use Nu-Cop as a precaution? If the former, have you confirmed the type of rust: Pacific Coast Pear Rust or Trellis Rust? Few products are labeled for pear rust. Here are links to the two aforementioned pear rust diseases in the PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook:

An important consideration in any pest management plan is to avoid using pesticides from any one mode of action group exclusively. Table 2 in the apple pest management guide lists the ingredients, group numbers, and efficacy of the ingredients and is a great tool for selecting materials. Good scab control takes multiple applications in a single growing season, so rotation among different fungicide groups is critical.

Please feel free o contact me at or 541-344-1709 if you have additional questions.