Selling chicken eggs

Asked February 13, 2018, 10:24 AM EST

I have a small flock of 20 birds and am getting ready to start my “egg share”. Someone who owns a butcher shop in Wyoming Ohio is interested in buying my eggs to sell in his store. Am I aloud to sell to him? If so what are the requirements?

Owen County Kentucky

2 Responses

I assume there are no restrictions from the Kentucky-side, but you would need to follow the egg laws of Ohio -
While you are under the 500 bird minimum, you will still need to follow the regulations with regards to handling, packaging and labeling of the eggs.
You should also consider product liability insurance as well. See the factsheet at
They need to be able to trace back any eggs sold, in case of a food safety issue. It is always possible that you will be sued if anyone gets sick from your eggs.
You are selling to someone who is selling to someone else so you may need an egg handlers license (at least that is the case in Kentucky) even if you are below the 500 bird minimum.