Asked February 13, 2018, 8:53 AM EST

Have two four year old loquat trees grown from seeds. They are in pots now in the green house awaiting grafting. Have no scions material,wonder if you could supply or inform me of where i can get some scions for me to do the grafting? Thanks. George Mufdi

Laramie County Wyoming trees and shrubs

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Hi George,

I really don't have any suggestions for you, as this is so far out of my realm of expertise...other than trying to find a nursery where the tree grows naturally. I did find a Facebook group where you can post messages to request scion wood:

But you'll have to contact nursery growers in California or Texas, where this tree is grown commercially. I don't have any recommendations for specific nurseries, unfortunately. Since you're from Laramie County, have you asked your local Extension Office?