crabgrass killer

Asked February 12, 2018, 10:51 AM EST

Crabgrass has established itself on a small corners of my lawn. What is the best pre-emergent crabgrass killer for the Salisbury, Md. area? Is pre-emergent the best way to start the killing process followed by a post-emergent killer? The area is only about 15 by 30 feet but is very persistent. Thanks.

Wicomico County Maryland

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Look at our website for crabgrass control and Tips for Application.
For season-long crabgrass control, consider applying your preemergent twice (but make sure the product you choose does not contain fertilizer). A second application of the product is necessary about 6 weeks later, usually in May. There are numerous products on the market but make sure the product you choose does not contain fertilizer. For example, dithiopyr (offers postemergent control on young crabgrass seedlings)

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