since yesterday I have been bombarded with tiny flying bugs. they seem to...

Asked February 11, 2018, 1:39 PM EST

since yesterday I have been bombarded with tiny flying bugs. they seem to gravitate to food. I keep my house very clean. To me they look like baby flies. I have seen them in all areas of the house but mostly in the kitchen countertops and windows. any idea?

Lucas County Ohio

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Good morning. Insects in the house can be frustrating. Identify the pest and the source of the infestation will be important to manage and hopefully eliminate the pest. Since they are so small, a photo may be difficult to capture, but that is an option to properly identify the pest. Insects can also be collected and submitted to the local Extension office. We have seasonally hours for a horticulture hotline, but because we are in the off season, samples can be dropped off at 5434 Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio. The office is in a two story farmhouse at the entrance of the Toledo Botanical Garden. If I am not in the office, there is a white mailbox at the base of the side porch and the sample can be left inside.

Some of the pests that it could be include: drain flies, fungus gnats, fruit flies, or phorid flies. Depending on the insect, their lifecycle varies. A few things you can do to help while we work on the identification of the pest include: store food in sealed containers and / or in the fridge; use a drain stopper to close the drain when not in use (if they are coming from the drain, this will keep them inside - when you take out the stopper you will notice them coming out); observe any plants that you have in house and watch the soil to see if you see any insect activity.

I hope that I can help you identify your insect pest.

Additionally, here are some resources that might help you identify the pests yourself.

Please keep me posted. Amy