replant a fern

Asked February 10, 2018, 9:12 PM EST

Having a fern that got "shaggy" looking and a little dried out is there any way to bring it back to health?? Can it be cut back and it will regrow or??

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Hello and thank you for contacting AaE for help.

I wouldn't repot it right now.

Without seeing a photo showing the state of your fern I'll assume there are still some green fronds. I would continue to water it consistently and ensure it is getting bright indirect light. With the lengthening days you should start seeing some growth coming from its central mound. You can put it in a southern facing window but if there is direct sunlight, move it back away from the window a bit after March 20th to keep the direct sunlight from burning the leaves.

The dead fronds can be cut back to the central mound if there are no green leaflets on them. This will allow more light to reach the living parts of the plant. It can look a little sad but with good light and watering it should revive. Also, when we are past the last frost date which is around the 3rd week of May, you can take your plant outside to a shady location to give it a chance to really revive through the summer.

You can also think about repotting it sometime in the spring if you think it is pot bound. The plant will be getting enough light then to put some energy into settling its roots in its new pot while growing new fronds.

I hope this helps.