spraying fruit trees for pests--too late?

Asked February 10, 2018, 2:36 PM EST

Hi. I read Kym Pokorny's article about spraying fruit trees for pests and apple/pear scab. We have buds on our apple and pear trees, but they haven't broken yet. I am more concerned about pests than scab, although we've had both--not sure if those worms in the apples are coddling moth or something else. Is it too late to spray for the pests, and if not, is the superior oil she recommends the right thing to treat these pests. Thanks!

Washington County Oregon

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No, it's not too late to do the spraying. The trick will be getting the spray while it's not raining (today 2/12/18 would be a great day.) The 'worms' would be either coddling moth or apple maggot, but I would guess coddling moth is more likely. In general, winter spraying is a good idea.

I found this article from WSU on identifying coddling moth and apple maggot , respectively:



OSU also has a coupld of general brochures for managing a home orchard: