Dwarf Cherry Tree

Asked February 10, 2018, 10:37 AM EST

We were looking into finding a dwarf cherry tree. Looking on line at Gurney's.com, they have a statement not available in CO, OR, WA. When I asked them why, they responded it is because the state's agricultural requirements.

Do you have any understanding of this?

Recommendation of a dwarf cherry tree? We were interested in the Juliet Dwarf Cherry.

Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Yes, Gurney's computer system will not allow any stone fruits to be delivered to CO because there is a quarantine in place for 5 counties in CO preventing the possible introduction of a virus into San Luis Valley. I tried 2 years ago to get Gurneys to ship a peach tree to me by having the Colorado department of Ag write a letter on my behalf informing Gurneys that I do not live I a quarantined County and they still would not send me the tree. My suggestion is to purchase the Juliet dwarf cherry tree from another nursery. I found a few other companies online that sell Juliet. Otherwise consider a different cherry tree. Northstar cherry is a dwarf pie cherry that might serve your needs.