Ground cover - low maintenance

Asked February 9, 2018, 2:50 PM EST

Dear Gardening Friends, I am writing to you from the Montgomery Area Food Bank. We have a very troublesome area that needs your expertise. The attached photos portray an area that simply will not grow anything (we have tried for going on 4 years now). Do you have any words of knowledge and wisdom that would guide our efforts to making this front area of our volunteer center attractive and inviting? We greatly appreciate any ideas you can offer. Sincerely, Jolene Kearns, Programs Development Manager, Montgomery Area Food Bank.

Montgomery County Alabama

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I would say lets start with a soil sample. It may be that the pH of the soil is very high or low and causing the plants to decline. You can get a soil box at the county office at 5340 Atlanta Highway and list any plants you have already tried that have died and lets see what they say is lacking. If the soil doesn't seem to be a problem, then we will work on sending in plant samples to the pathology lab. Cost of the soil test is $7 and you can mail it yourself or bring it back to the office and we will deliver it over for you.