How to control weed in containers?

Asked February 9, 2018, 10:50 AM EST

As small container nursery owner, I'd like to know how to control in containers? Especially using preemgence weedkiller. Thank you, Brian Park BJ Nursery

Washington County Oregon

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Here is a great publication from OSU, which provides significant detail about weed management in containers including pre-emergent herbicides.

Here are some key management strategies:

  1. Keep weeds in the container area from going to seed
  2. Use clean liners and planting media
  3. Hand pull weeds from containers to get a clean surface
  4. Use pre-mergent herbicides as needed with1 application in spring and maybe one in the fall.
  5. Monitor the site and keep weeds from going to seed at your site.
Here is another resource with weed identification tool

I hope that this information helps!