Asked February 9, 2018, 7:56 AM EST

What is the best most functional tumbling composter?

Marion County Oregon

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Thank you for your composter question. “Functional” is a rather difficult term to assess with composters. They all allow you to turn (to aerate) the organic materials so you don’t have to turn it with a pitchfork or somesuch. They are mostly all black, so sunlight absorbtion increases the temperature inside. All I’m familiar with are plastic, so they’re durable. Here is their drawback: they are all between 6 and 12 inches away from the soil. The soil microbes (bacteria, fungi, nematodes, etc.) and worms are what actually do the ‘work’ in breaking down plant tissue (eating it). So, your composter will not benefit from any of those. There are airborne bacteria and fungi, to be sure, but how many of them will land on the material if the top is closed? So, it’s really up to you to decide between ease of use, and efficiency. Here’s a link to Metro’s webpage about composters, including the ubiquitous “black bomb” composter you might want to consider: Good luck!