Fig Trees in MD

Asked February 8, 2018, 3:31 PM EST

Good Afternoon and thank you for providing this service. I have fig bushes on my property and I do not know how to prune and trim them. Every year, they grow up and by September they barely begin to produce fruit and then October comes and the weather begins to get cold and the fruit no longer ripens. What can I do to lengthen my growing season and increase my annual yield of fresh figs?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Figs need a fairly long warm growing season to have enough time for the figs to mature. Be sure your fig is in the warmest, sunniest spot you have. If your fig dies down to the ground each winter, or gets a lot a freezing damage and you lose the old wood , you will not get fruit. Figs are not hardy and require winter protection.

Take a look at our website on figs and read the Blog at the bottom of the page for pruning information and reasons for no fruit