Planting in early April?

Asked February 8, 2018, 2:46 PM EST

I need advice, are there any types of bushes or trees that I could plant in early April in Minnesota? Would it survive? It's a plant of remembrance and I want to do it on a specific day... April 2. Thanks for your advice!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Most tree and shrub species grown in Minnesota can be planted in spring as soon as the soil can be dug. In some years frost still prevents soil prep in early April.

This information may be useful:

Thanks. Any specific recommendations for a shrub or tree that would thrive easily without too much maintenance?

thank you so much!!!

We'd need to know more about your preferences and the site characteristics to make meaningful suggestions. Consider evergreen, deciduous, size, growth rate, fruits, flowers, fall leaf color, etc. Is the site dry, moist, shady, sunny, etc.? Did the remembered person grow or enjoy a particular kind of tree or shrub?

Please read the following information carefully. It may inform your decision: