Fertilizer Suggested

Asked February 8, 2018, 12:47 PM EST

We have a small ranch in Northeast Wyoming near Sundance in Crook county. Last year we planted a food plot for wildlife. A mix of alfalfa, oats and radish. It didn't grow like we expected. Now, this plot is up in the hills so the growing season is pretty short but it was virgin ground and I thought there would be sufficient nutrients there as we have grazed it for many years prior. I'm wondering what you would suggest as a good fertilizer to put down this spring before planting the oats again. We'd like to be able to cut it for hay if we could get a good stand. Thank you!

Crook County Wyoming

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It would probably be a good idea to do a soil test in the spring after the ground thaws. A soil test is reasonably inexpensive and can help identify if you are short on nutrients. There could have been other reasons why you didn't get a good stand, especially if it is on dryland. Timing of precipitation is important and competition from weeds and other plants could have been an issue. But like I said I would recommend having someone come help you with a soil test and further assess the situation. You can call our extension office in Crook County (307) 283-1192 and we can help you with your soil test.