Begonia help please

Asked February 7, 2018, 11:46 AM EST

Begonia hasn't been healthy since shortly after purchase. Placed in green house over winter trying to treat it and save it. Went from Brown spots on leaves to this. See picture. Hello if you can. Dunno what this is. Have three other different plants but will send separate messages for each.

Linn County Oregon houseplants

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Hello, It appears that your angel wing begonia has a fungal infection. If this plant is in your greenhouse I suggest that you increase air circulation inside your greenhouse and reduce watering. Your plant appears to be in an environment that supports fungal infections, i.e. warm and moist. You may also consider repotting the plant and put it in a new sterile potting mix in a clean and sanitized pot. Pick a potting mix that drains well. If you have other plants also spotted with similar lesions or fuzzy spots treat them the same. If problems continue you may need to give your greenhouse a good scrubbing and disinfecting. When watering make sure not to wet the leaves. If your greenhouse has condensation that drops from the roof onto your plants you may want to turn down the temperature or move your plants into your home.