Dead Ash Tree - Cause?

Asked February 7, 2018, 10:48 AM EST

I wonder if you can help identify what may have killed our ash. It went from a beautiful healthy tree to dead in less than a year. I have studied photos online of what a tree looks like that has been destroyed by the Eastern Borer beetle, but I cannot find anything on our tree that looks like that. There were no beetle marks. Our sons, who took the tree down for us, searched, too. We cannot find any type of bug infestation. Our sons said that the “bleeding” stuff in the tree smelled like pus. Rachel Maderik, Librarian of the National Invasive Species Information Center, National Agricultural Library, suggested I contact you. She suggested that perhaps it wasn't even an ash tree. The reason we need to know is so that we can properly dispose of the wood. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide in identifying this disease.

Worcester County Maryland identification decline tree wood disposal

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We viewed your photos. We cannot say for sure if the tree is an ash tree. We do not know what caused the decline. The bleeding you mentioned may be secondary in nature. It looks like the tree has been dead for a while.
You can cut the tree up and burn it for firewood or chip it. Otherwise take it to the dump.