Asked February 7, 2018, 9:53 AM EST

What do I need to add to my soil it said I need. Nitrogen, how do I now that? How do I lower the ph how low should it be? This is in araised garden bed about 30 in high. Jerry

St. Joseph County Michigan

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Because Nitrogen moves through the soil, it is standard to add Nitrogen fertilizer at different points in the growing season. Your soil test recommendations gave you several examples of fertilizer choices. All fertilizers show 3 numbers to indicate the percentage by weight of Nitrogen - Phosphorus-Potassium (N-P-K values). Whatever fertilizer your purchase should only have a number for the Nitrogen and a zero value for the other 2 numbers (#N - 0 - 0). You can use the fertilizer calculator on the www.msusoiltest.com website to calculate the amount to apply if you purchase something different than one of the recommended fertilizers on your soil test.

The ideal pH for a vegetable garden is 6.5. Your soil is high in organic matter and that can help lower soil pH slowly over time. Usually a product containing sulfur can be added to the soil to lower pH, but that also may take time. Since your soil test did not make recommendations for lowering the pH, and you have high organic matter, you should probably not add anything at this time.