Subdivision and Condominium Ordinances

Asked February 7, 2018, 9:09 AM EST

I am working on streamlining the Township's Sub and Condo Ordinances. I have reviewed many municipalities ordinances on these items and I was wondering why none of them just reference the site plan review process when discussing the process for review of the subdivision or condominium, but instead they restate the site plan review process (Pre-app, Preliminary and Final Plat) in the Subdivision and Condominium Ordinance?

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Livingston County Michigan

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Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your inquiry. After reviewing all applicable legislation and materials related Subdivision and Condominium Ordinances, I have found no reason why you can't streamline your ordinance to include a mere reference to the Site Plan Review Process rather than include the process language verbatim each time. I recommend that you be careful to not lose details though. In addition, I recommend that you refer to this MSUE document, linked below, to make sure your updated ordinances are meeting all administrative requirements for subdivisions and land splits. Planning and Zoning *A* Syst #10: