suspicious tangelos

Asked February 6, 2018, 6:53 PM EST

Would you happen to know if a piece of fruit that I have recently purchased might be subject to tampering, or would you possibly be interested in looking at it to see what you think? It is a minnola tangerine or tangelo. I bought a small number of these about a week ago, and this is the second one which has a problem, and it is presently intact. What I am seeing is a seriously abnormal soft spot about the size of a quarter with a suspicious tiny speck next to it that could be the healed wound of an injection of some sort. I know this could be just coincidence, and maybe I am being overly cautious, but you should have seen the other tangelo, of which I ate 2/3... it had a black mass within it, and the texture of two of the sections were approaching hideous; almost cancerous in appearance--little masses of tiny globular units.

Marion County Oregon

1 Response

Oregon Department of Agriculture lists as one of their primary responsibilities issues and concerns with items purchased in supermarkets. Foreign objects in foods is one area they check into. Seems like contamination would be in that category. They are located in Salem (635 Capital St NE, Salem) It looks like you are in Salem as well. Contact them directly and they should be able to schedule an appointment with you to look at your citrus fruit. 503-986-4720