Can I plant these together?

Asked February 6, 2018, 2:05 PM EST

Hi, I am taking out a 25' long planting of hardy shrub roses and want to replace with a mixed planting of 50/50 Highbush Cranberry and American Plum. The site is partial/full sun on one end, full sun in the middle, and back to partial on the other end. Fairly moist soil. I'm wondering if these two shrubs will grow together is some sort of alternation or if I should plant divided with one type on each end of the line. Or possibly not plant them together at all. I like that they should grow in to a thicket as it will be a privacy giver between two yards.

St. Louis County Minnesota

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I don't recommend a 50/50 mix, American Plum are notorious for suckering. They also have spines and they could make maintaining the highbush cranberry for privacy fencing more difficult. The cranberry will need some pruning every few years to take out the oldest stems. Either does well in part shade or sun so aesthetics can be your guide to planting. If I were designing the planting I would probably put one American plum in the center and expect it to become multi stemmed and stagger the lines of High bush cranberry on either side to so they have room to spread and visually overlap for the most screening.