7 month old drake sexually aggressive towards chickens

Asked February 5, 2018, 11:08 AM EST

I have been reading on Backyard Chickens forum that my sexually aggressive, 7 month old drake can injure/kill my chickens when attempting to breed. I am looking for options: neutering, chemical implants that decrease desire. Adding more female ducks isn't an option as I am at City code. He has free run of the backyard, foraging and two pools in which to swim.

Adams County Colorado poultry

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I do not know of anyone that does that type of procedures around here. You might call the Colorado State Veterinary Hospital (970-297-5000) and see if anyone there can do that procedure.

Or call Jenna Oxenhander (970-297-5160), she works in the poultry section of the CSU Diagnostic Laboratory, she might know of someone that can help.

Sorry I do not have more information for you but there are only poultry veterinarians in Colorado and then trying to find any that do surgeries is even tougher yet.

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