Grow Light Stand - Build Your Own

Asked February 5, 2018, 8:15 AM EST

I do a fair amount of indoor gardening in the winter months. I grow Amaryllis as a hobby and I overwinter my geraniums in the root cellar from November to January, and then bring them out to grow for the upcoming summer. I also start my own sweet potato plants later in the spring and propagate plants for my summer hanging baskets. I have a sunroom on the southwest corner of the house with windows on the west and south side - so this provides a good amount of light, but I want to provide some additional artificial light to deter leggy growth. I want to build a Grow Light Stand and wondered if you have any suggestions. I'm pondering fluorescent versus LED; and am looking for some good plans I could use as a guide. Anything you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Frederick County Maryland

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Take a look at our website for information on Grow lights, a chart comparing fluorescent lights, and photos and directions for a DIY Tabletop Light Stand.


Thanks for this information. Very helpful. Do you have any information on the use of LED grow lights?

We do not have information on Led grow lights. They can be expensive. You will have to do a Google search.