Peach Tree Issues

Asked February 3, 2018, 10:36 PM EST

I have a 3-4 year old Dwarf Bonanza Peach Tree that seems to have developed bacterial canker infection. I noticed the gummosis in multiple places in the upper branches and am wondering if you have any advice on treatment and prevention for my other young stone fruit trees? The tree seems pretty healthy, at least it was last year and covered with buds at the moment. I don't see any real dead tissue as of yet. I've sprayed copper on the tree a week or so ago and plan to follow with a horticultural oil spray later this week when it dries out. But it sounds as though there is no real treatment for this disease? Any advice would be appreciated!

Washington County Oregon

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I found this in the PNW Disease handbook Although it focuses on cherry, peaches are in the same genus (Prunus). There is a big list of cultural controls because chemical controls are not particularly effective. I think the 'health' of your tree may be misleading because if there is girdling (by the canker) the buds may open and you may get some leaves but they may dieback shortly thereafter. It sounds like you have a small home orchard. You may want to call around and find an arborist that specializes in fruit trees/orchards to help you assess your specific needs. Timing of pruning seems to be critical (waiting until Feb for winter pruning, but better to do summer pruning right after harvest) You may also want to leverage local resources like the Home Orchard Society and Core Home Fruit