3 year old fig trees (Desert King I think)

Asked February 3, 2018, 3:11 PM EST

In need of transplanting. From 9" x 8 3/4" pots to 13" x 11" pots. I took cuttings from 70 year old tree. In the pics, one grew straight up (and had 2 immature fruits.) The other one grew all over and has suckers. Are the new pots large enough? They will stay in containers. When should I transplant? Does either one need pruning? Should suckers stay? Been using bought compost and soil and add perlite. Thanks

Multnomah County Oregon fig trees

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Thank you for your fig tree question. OSU has an expert who writes extensively on these plants, and this link should answer all your questions. The pots don't look nearly large enough--at least for the long haul. But you can leave them outdoors in a protected place, so you don't need to haul them in and out for the winter. Just keep top of soil covered with compost or mulch. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!