Potato in container

Asked February 3, 2018, 12:10 PM EST

Hello, I have seen lots of YouTube and some articles that potato will yield a lot more if planted at the bottom of a trash can or container and then add more spoil/compost as it grows taller. The idea is to let the plant develop a real long stem/root that will give a lot more potato. Following link is just one example. Is this True? Does it work?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Yes potatoes can be grown in containers. You can even use a 5 gallon bucket. The best yields will be from a crop grown in the traditional way in ground but you can experiment. Take a look at our videos on planting methods and our vegetable profile for more information.

Thanks for the links, I read and watched both but my question is not "general Container Gardening". I am asking about this particular method that uses a 30 gallon trash can, plant potatoes at the bottom with 6" soil and then soil is continuously added to potato plant as it grow until the soil reach the top of trash can. The idea is to elongate the stem a lot to get more potato. Please see attached picture. Does this method work? Does it give much better yield than simply plant potato in a container?

We do not have research on the above method. Based on feedback from gardeners sometimes it works and sometimes they are disappointed. We are suspicious.
You can experiment.