Blue damson plum tree not producing fruit

Asked February 3, 2018, 11:36 AM EST

Hi, I planted a blue damson plum tree three years ago, I think. It is at the front of my house, South West facing, getting plenty of sun. It has three feet off organic mulch around it's base and I've pruned and fertilized it each year at the end of winter, before blossoms set. However, each previous year it starts to have tiny plums form, yet they all shrivel and fall off, leaving the tree bare of fruit. We have had leaves get brown spots that leave them looking like tiny holes have been punched out of them, then they wither and die also, but not all of the leaves. Last year I sprayed them religiously with neem oil and we had a healthier looking tree, but no fruit still. Now that we're thinking about the garden again, I'm looking for help to try to get this tree to produce for us. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Thank you,

Baltimore County Maryland

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Your plum with the shriveled fruit could have many possible causes for the fruit loss: lack of pollination, late spring frosts, over-fertilizing, insects such as plum curculio or a disease such as brown rot. You may want to cut them open and look for worms or insects. Brown rot would cause fuzzy mold. If you send us a photo this growing season, that may be helpful for a better diagnosis. (Damson plums are self-fertile, so they do not need a pollinator tree.) See our link

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