How To Safely Eradicate Wild Strawberries in Daffodil Bed

Asked February 2, 2018, 3:24 AM EST

Appreciate suggestion as to how to safely eradicate "wild strawberries" in a large Daffodil bed where many of these bulbs were originally planted over 100 years ago. Obviously, I wish to protect these bulbs! NOTE: Both strawberry plants & wild violets began appearing after mulching which I had never been done before. Having dug out the wild violets, I foresee the violets being manageable but these strawberry plants cover the entire area & are certain to be even more invasive in the future.

Marion County Tennessee wild strawberry

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Thank you for your question about wild strawberry eradication. Unfortunately, any chemical you use to control the strawberries will also kill the bulbs. Here is the most concise article on this topic that I could find. You'll see that removal of the plants and stolons (to the 'daughter' plant) is the most environmentally responsible, and taking care not to step on the daffodils should keep them from danger.

Of course, you can, as the article also explains, remove the daffodil bulbs after their foliage has gone yellow/brown, use it as an opportunity to divide them, use an herbicide formulated for them, wait the prescribed time before re-planting, and then replant. Here's a link to an Extension article about bulb dividing (and you may get more blooms next year.) Hope this is helpful. Good luck!